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7 Vital Sales Letters

The need to grow your customer base has never been more important. Current customers are cutting back and sales are down across most industries. These seven effective sales letters included in the template simplify prospecting for new customers.
bullet image Introduction letter featuring your company strengths
bullet image Introduction letter featuring your qualifications
bullet image Product introduction letter
bullet image Proposal cover letter
bullet image Follow-up sales letter
bullet image Previous customer letter
bullet image Thank you letter

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Sales Letter Promotions Work

In the midst of today's electronic communication it is difficult to draw attention to your message. Business owners and purchasing agents are continually bombarded with emails, most of which are wanting the reader to buy something. Emails are very easy to delete as a way of saying "no", most often without reading the message.

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What is a sales letter?

Written letters are becoming a thing of the past for most communication purposes. Surprisingly, this fact presents a treasure-trove of opportunities for a savvy sales representative. A personalized letter commands a unique respect from the reader. A sales letter template is the answer.

5 reasons written sales letters are effective:
  • Letters can be touched and held
    The very fact the recipient can physically hold it in their hand enhances the chances your message will be read. It is much more difficult to discard because the very act of putting it in the trash has a negative connotation.
  • A written letter represents effort. The recipient is aware that a certain amount of effort went into preparing this letter - it was not just a mass email. Having written letters themselves, the reader appreciates the energy and emotion put forth by the sender.
  • The envelope declares this is "personal". When an envelope is addressed to a specific person, that person recognizes the very personal nature of the communication even before opening the envelope. Hand addressed envelopes increase the perception of "personal".
  • The sender's signature implies an obligation. When someone receives a communication which is hand signed, the recipient naturally feels obligated to respond. If a sales letter is properly written, it will illicit the response desired by the sender. Choose the proven messages in our template and hand sign them to get a leg up on the competition.
  • It's hard to say "no" to a personal letter! Once the reader has opened and read the letter, noticed the signature and is now aware that you have something of value to offer - it is much harder to say "no". Let our sales letter template do all the work for you.


Email vs A Personal Letter

Imagine you arrive at the office at 9:00 am. You have twenty-some emails and a stack of letters from the post office. You glance through the emails and delete the ones from unfamiliar senders which are trying to sell you something. On to the mail and you see a nice, hand-addressed envelope made out to you personally. Are you going to open the envelope? Probably. And statistics show that your prospects will do much the same. Order the sales letter templates today to create personalized sales letters and begin growing your customer base.

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Sales Letters Increase Commissions

It's simple. More customers equals more sales. Send personalized, proven sales letters to prospects and grow your customer list.

This Sales Letter Template Is The Answer!

These 7 sales letters should be included in the arsenal of every sales professional. All seven are included in this east to use sales letter template.

Two Introduction sales letters template. One features your company, the other features your skills as a representative - send the introductory letter most likely to get a response from the prospect.

Product introduction letter. Announce new products or use this product introduction letter template as a way to get a foot in the door with new prospects.

Proposal cover letter template. Add a personal touch to the facts and figures contained in a formal proposal by adding this proposal cover letter that is guaranteed to draw extra attention to your proposal.

Follow-up sales letter template. Not everyone responds to your first contact. Use this cleverly structured follow-up letter to increase your response rate.

Previous customer letter. Often there is a potential gold mine in a list of prior customers. Use this previous customer letter to announce all the great changes since you last did business.

Thank you sales letter template. Every customer is impressed when you formally thank them for their business. Start the relationship off properly by sending every new customer this personalized thank you letter.

Join the millions of successful sales representatives that grow their client list using proven sales letter templates to prospect. You can get lost in the sea of emails that get deleted daily, or you can create personalized communications that will get read and illicit a response.

Picture your company stationary imprinted with a proven message and bearing your personal signature. When was the last time you received a personalized piece of mail that you did not open? Make the choice today - use out incredible templates to create custom sales letters your prospects will actually read.

Seven Sample Sales Letter Templates

  • Pre-Written, no writing required.
  • Proven & Guaranteed results.
  • Fast, Easy to use Microsoft Word format.
  • Written by Professionals.
  • Seven vital letters, every rep should .
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Sample Of Sales Letter

Sample of Sales Letter


Choose the very best template available and start growing your commission checks immediately. The letters offered in this sales letter template are proven successful and 100% guaranteed. No special skills required. Works in MS Word and other word processing software.

Sales Letter Examples

A sampling of each letter included in this kit can be found here.

Template Includes Seven Vital Letters For Sales


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