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Sales Letter Examples

Review these great sales letters

The very foundation of our quality sales letter template is built on decades of sales experience. The example letters we include in this package have stood the test of time and proven to deliver results. Listed here are examples of the letters included in this powerful sales letter kit.

Example Sales Letter

Example Introduction Letter

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Sales Letter Examples

Sales Introduction Letters Template

The kit includes two introduction letter samples. Use these letters to promote yourself as a knowledgeable rep, or your company as the industry leader.

Introduction Letter
Introduction Letter

Product Introduction Letter Template

Click here for details on the product introduction letter included with these example sales letters.

Example Proposal Cover Letter

Personalize Your Proposals

Never underestimate the importance of a proposal cover letter. Use this cover letter to add a personal touch to your proposal.

Example Proposal Cover Letter

Example Follow-Up Sales Letter Templates

Use these to let your prospect know how aligning with your company can make them more competitive in their market arena.

Follow Up Sales Letter

Letters For Contacting Prior Clients

These sample sales letter were developed to contact past customers and explore changes in both of your companies.

Prior Customer Letter

Thank You Letter Template Examples

Use these letters to say "thank you" for choosing you as a trusted vendor.

Appreciation Sales Letter

Watch a 40 second "How To Create Sales Letters" video.

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