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An unidentified Bangkok shopper looks on while seated near a large advertisement for light skin in Bangkok, Thailand, July 20, The pervasive idea that lighter skin is more attractive is often spotlighted through various beauty ants. For example, when the tan-skinned Nonthawan Thongleng was crowned Miss Thailand Worldit was hailed by some commentators as a chance to redefine beauty standards.

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Traditionally, dark-skinned women have been under-represented in Thailand, marginalized in favor of a lighter-skinned beauty standard. Many criticized her victory online, claiming she looks like a tanned Caucasian. Gray was born and raised in Australia and is of mixed Scottish-Filipino descent. Show me my wide-nosed girls with darker skin and coarse, frizzy hair.

There is a deeply rooted cultural norm involved with these debates over skin color and beauty. In many societies, and especially in Asia, dark skin has long been associated with working in the fields and, therefore, rural poverty. On the other hand, pale skin is associated with living a more comfortable, cosmopolitan life indoors, out of the sun.

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Skin color is thus a of social class. Enjoying this article? The stigma associated with darker skin can mean going to some lengths to stay pale. This preference for white skin is reinforced via the media: television, magazines, and billboards. Pharmacies stock an array of skin-whitening creams; some even promise to lighten the color of the most intimate body areas, such as nipples or armpits. The pressure to be white does not only affect women. Jaray offered the example of men having glutathione substances injected into their skin to accelerate the whitening process.

In recent years, some advertising campaigns have attracted a backlash for their promotion of this beauty ideal. It deployed Cris Horwang, a Thai actress and model, who attributed her success to her light complexion.

After the Western and Korean influences, the preferred shade is pinkish white. Indeed, the soaring popularity of Korean entertainment — especially pop music and television dramas — has exacerbated this obsession with white skin.

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Today, whitening is big business. A World Health Organization survey found that nearly 40 percent of women polled in nations including China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea regularly use products for lightening their skin. Perhaps one day a similar consumer-based campaign may be brought to bear in Thailand, she said. Turning the tables does not seem like an easy task.

The proliferation of images favoring lighter-skinned people, and the deeply rooted norms behind those depictions, are so influential that many more winners like Maeya will be needed to make such a difference. Repeated cases of violence against women demonstrate their systematic subordination within Thailand's patriarchal social structure.

Marine Corps will impact cooperation with allies as well. The threat from North Korea and beyond has changed.

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The ROK-U. The country withdrew restrictions for a week to celebrate Eid festival. Health experts now fear that the situation may spiral out of control in the weeks ahead.

Asian looking for or white

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