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Follow Up Sales Letter

Follow Up Letter Template

You have a lot to offer the prospect!

Use this follow-up sales letter to let your prospect know how aligning with your company can make them more competitive in their market arena.

You can help a lot - they just don't know it. Stay in touch until the prospect hears your story!

Sample text from this letter:

Our products, services and support can help your company acquire new business through cost reduction and quicker delivery schedules.

Our primary objective is to enhance our customers position in their market. We provide cost effective solutions backed by excellent...

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When to use this letter

Any time you have communicated with a prospect which did not reply, the letter developed using this template could improve your odds of a call back.

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Follow Up Letter Sample Template

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Sample Follow-up Sales Letter


Many times, a single contact is not enough. Use this follow-up sales letter template and give the prospect additional reasons to set an appointment.

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