Iowa city lesbian.

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Residents of Iowa City are living in the third gayest town in the country, according to an article in a national magazine. Only top ranked Atlanta and Burlington, Vt. Of the criteria that the reporter used to quantify how gay a city was, Iowa City scored lower than others on the list of 15 in terms of the amount of same-sex couples per capita, but it scored high with its openly gay elected officials and its ratio of gay bars per capita.

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The state's supreme court same-sex marriage ruling from April of last year also made Iowa City leap to the front of the pack. He was proud to see Iowa City reach the top of the list, but said he isn't very surprised. Iowa City beat out other Midwest cities including four Bloomington, Ind. Vanessa Miller Education Feb. Lee Hermiston Crime and Courts Jan. Grace King. K Education 90m ago.

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Iowa city lesbian.

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Iowa City: Ahead of the Curve for the LGBTQ Community