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I decided I wanted to be a journalist in third grade.

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I was researching colleges at I also thought that I was normal. A lot of women are ambitious and career-driven. I surely cannot be the only woman out there who wants to eventually rule the world. Plus, it never seems that any of these women have a hard time finding a partner. I met a guy on Hinge, and we hit it off. We decided to go on a date to a restaurant near my apartment. While on the date, we discussed a lot of things.

Why do women run when men have financial problems? -- STEVE HARVEY

How he had no idea what Vice was seriously! He was a few years older than I am, so I assumed he would have at least a grapple on what he wanted to do with his life. When it came time to talk about my career, he got extra quiet.

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I explained that I was still in school, working two other jobs, and interning three days a week. I was hoping to get a job that allowed me to continue writing about the topics I loved and allowed me to explore other avenues, such as graphic de and social media marketing.

Easy enough, right? He looked at me blankly, somewhat confused, and maybe even kind of annoyed, and said:. I guess. The date pretty much ended at that point, and he never texted me back. While I could write this off as a one-time thing or just that he was not that great of a guy, I began remembering other times when I felt this wave of superiority with a date.

It was almost as if I felt inadequate because I was well-equipped for my future while he was not.

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Since that date this summer, I began researching and putting tips into practice to help myself feel confident in my successes and my motivation rather than feel as if it pushes men away. Wanting to be with someone who challenges you and inspires you does not make you a bitch.

Remember that. How do I sound impressive but not overpowering? Yes, you should! They should be excited and proud of you. Think about it.

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Imagine one of your friends asks you on a date. Been there, done that. One bad date does not have to decide the fate for tons more. Go out of your comfort zone. Meet that guy from Hinge for coffee or talk to the woman from your spin class.

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Not every person you go on a date with needs to be your eventual husband or wife or turn into a serious, long-term relationship. February 14, Log In Good to see you again.

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What It’s Like Dating as an Ambitious Woman