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I originally posted this elsewhere, but hopefully this is a better place for it. If this isn't the best subreddit for this please let me know and I'll move it again! I've always been bi. When I was younger I dated a couple girls and had many flings with girls, but I never wanted a serious romantic relationship with a girl, and I still don't.

But sometimes I miss having a girl friend, and just having a good time sexually with a woman. Recently, I finally brought this up to my husband and after a really good discussion, he approves of the idea with some conditions of course. We have been married for 6 years and have a great relationship with really good communication and he doesn't get jealous easily.

I want to meet a girl who will be primarily a good friend first and foremost, but I also want to be upfront about wanting to be sexually involved too. I really have a strong fantasy of having a 3-way with a woman and my husband, but I am not in a place where I'm willing to do that right now.

I unfortunately am the jealous type when it comes to my husband, but I'm working on it! So while I really want a 3way eventually, for now I just Married looking for girlfriend m someone for me to have a relationship with. I don't want anything more than that. I don't want a relationship that competes with the one I have with my husband. Does that make sense? Is this possible? Has anyone been in a situation like this or known someone that has? I would be really encouraged to hear from anyone who has had something like this work out. If the girl I want is out there, where should I look for her?

Any other ideas? I don't know if it matters, but I'm 27 and fairly attractive. Not a model or anything, but I've never had much trouble getting sexual attention from either men or women. Look for other married bisexual women.

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I'm polyamorous, so I do full relationships, but being married I tend to relate more and have similar priorities with partners who also are married or living with a partner. There are definitely women out there willing to connect only with you who already have a relationship. OkCupid is great for non-monogamy, you can even link your profile to your husband's, that way people can independently verify that you're being honest, even if he doesn't put much in his profile or actively date.

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Thank you so much, this sounds like great advice! I think finding a woman who was in a similar situation, married with an open minded partner, would be ideal. I'll talk to my husband about the OkCupid idea! In the same boat! As far as seeking another woman: tinder, hinge, etc. Even the most secure people can feel a bit of jealousy in that situation. Thank you for your comment! This is really encouraging to hear! Hopefully I can be as successful in this endeavor as you have been so far!

When my husband and I first talked about this I asked him how he felt, if he wanted to pursue others as well or a true poly or open relationship but he said he had no desire to do so. He liked the idea of a threesome, but otherwise he says he isn't interested in pursuing sex with anyone else. I also like the idea of a threesome, but I feel like I need to come to trust the girl individually first. And my husband thinks the idea of me with another woman is hot and he is all for it. So even though it seems like it would be an "unfair" arrangement, it is actually what both my husband and I would want.

I love your post. I am looking for the exact same thing! I am happily married to a man, but I am seeking out a fwb relationship with a woman. I am Married looking for girlfriend m glad to hear there are others out there in my same situation! This makes me so happy. Thank you. Date other married or partnered women. And be upfront that you're not looking for serious romance!! Make sure the ladies know what you can offer them.

Will you do sleep overs? Fancy dinner dates? Share holidays? Take vacations together? Thank you, I hadn't really thought about some of those things but I think it's definitely important that everyone is on the same about them.

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You might have a better chance with OkCupid. There's a disproportionate of people who aren't monogamous on there. My girlfriend has a lovely husband.

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So you want to be able to have sex with other people but you want your husband to remain monogamous to you because you're too jealous and insecure? I don't see how pregnancy or children could come into this? I'm a woman interested in having sex with another woman.

If she gets pregnant, that's between her and whatever man she is with. If I get pregnant, that's between me and my husband. As for meeting women I'm a happily married woman who wants a girlfriend! Advice please! Posted by 10 months ago. The details: I've always been bi. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

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I sincerely hope you find her!!! Thanks, I'll check it out!

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Covered this in other comments already, thanks. Think you posted in the wrong thread, dog. This sounds like pretty solid advice, thank you! More posts from the nonmonogamy community. Welcome to nonmonogamy. Created Nov 9, Top posts september 28th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

Married looking for girlfriend m

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I'm a happily married woman who wants a girlfriend! Advice please!