New Hampshire wife swapping

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Log in. New Hampshire? Jump to Latest Follow. ed Oct 7, Did anyone else watch this? ed May 19, I about cried.

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That was it--if it was the daughters hand made picture. I'd want to be with the other family any day! ed May 10, One thing to remember. One of the HT members did that show as a swapped person early on. A thing she mentioned, and we all should remember - They shoot for 10 days or so, but edit heavily to make it serve their purpose to show how they want it to appear. And I cannot handle watching it as it tears up one family and builds up the other, in most cases.

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At least that's how it appears to me. I was angry at that evil mom's lame husband for putting up with all her gestapo nonsense. I guess I admire both parents that have a backbone, and he just doesn't. I believe in rules, too, but wow New Hampshire wife swapping May 16, I'd rather be with the other family too but they really need to do somethinng about the no schooling thing. AngieM2 said:. OMHO, that show is full of fake acting and heavy-handed editing. ed Sep 27, I thought that was mean that she never lets her sons friends come over either. Imyself, thought it was pitiful that they did not believe in schooling.

Eleven year old that couldnt read, and thinking swear words were fine, they were just expressing their feelings. And that they would learn how to spell by being on the internet? We all know how that turns out. Yes, one Mom was much too tough, but the other family was just unbelievable. Laws are what this country was founded on--and to teach children otherwise??? ed Jan 20, I cannot criticize the laid back family I unschooled after the 8th grade. I earned an cum laude under grad degree, several certifications, and completed all of the course work for my MSW.

I am currently unschooling for the second time.

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I love it. I unschooled my now 23 year old and now my 8 year old. When my 23 year old was fifteen, he decided he needed more math experience and enrolled in a community college. By the time he was 18 and completed the G. D testing, he had already accumulated more than half the credits required to earn his associates degree.

We are not brilliant or gifted, just unschooled. the discussion.

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New Hampshire wife swapping

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Wife Swap? New Hampshire?