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Download PDF Bad mothers and poor role models: Maternal inadequacy and the problem of perfection. Women in the audience find themselves drawn to a of comedic and dramatic representations of motherhood that span different channels and schedules, and although such depictions offer a range of escapist fantasies, potential role models and the opportunity for emulation, there are a of maternal depictions that create a sense of pity, disgust and mistrust. I do not mean simply in terms of the length of the responses proposed, but rather, in terms of minutia of information given.

While some participants provided generalised comments about those maternal representations that irked or irritated, others spoke about specific genres, texts, characters and narratives. That said, less than 1 per cent of responses left this question blank, and as such, it is clear that there are a myriad of maternal depictions that create negative reactions from the television audience, and enough of a reaction for participants to provide comment on.

Very few women chose to overlook this question, indicating an interest in or desire to communicate what Personal Candler seeks nude workout partner view as negative or problematic depictions of mothers on screen. And yet, before we look at the ways in which women in the audience judge, rank and qualify mothering practices and performances, it is worth noting that a small of respondents refused to judge televisual mothers, even fictional creations, however strained their parental performances, due to the emotional, physical and psychological difficulties associated with motherhood and motherwork.

We are told that:. I try to be non-judgemental, and have an open mind because being a mother is not easy and we all make mistakes. Offhand I would say no. I sometimes think families are made to look silly for entertainment purposes. I suspect many differ from how depicted. No, everyone has their own methods and I try not to judge too much on media representation, especially where the children are happy.

And these self-same women went on to challenge those mothers on television who themselves are seen to be judgemental towards other maternal figures. These women are aware that their own maternal thoughts and practices are imperfect, and although parents have different ideas about what is appropriate or acceptable parenting, there is the shared sense that even with the best of intentions we are prone to make mistakes, and that the best we can do is learn from them.

Imperfect indeed, and for a small of women in the audience, judgement is not only reserved but rescinded. While a small of mothers commented without Personal Candler seeks nude workout partner, the majority of respondents seemed to speak in agreement against the swathe of negative, problematic and strained maternal figures that they deemed to be saturating the small screen. Others made it clear that irrespective of time spent in front of such texts, there were few positive images to be found:. Mothers on TV never seem far from judgement.

Most mothers … are either too mumsy or trying too hard to look like teenagers. American sitcom mothers are harassed, frazzled and normally play minor roles. I find most representations of mothers on television to be reductive or unrealistic. Women … lose their own sense of identity when they become a mother … disappointing. Mothers in TV shows are either portrayed as negligent or perfect … both are problematic. I generally feel like mothers on television either are stuck in a relationship, undermined, or left to clean up the messes.

When shows undermine women and make it funny, it pisses me off. It reinforces negative stereotypes and agendas. Negative images of motherhood are everywhere on television, it somehow seems normal to watch women who are terrible caregivers. Most mothers on television are portrayed negatively, they are not showing the reality of what it is to have to care for young children, if at all.

I have never thought about this before, but now that I do, I realise that most of the programmes that I watch tend to focus on women who are terrible mothers. Women are usually portrayed as home makers or domineering characters even if they also have a job. Either that or they are tough, unkind, business women. Many are also ridiculous with their attention to stereotypical concerns. They are often unrealistically glamourised e. While a small of women refused to offer negative evaluations of mothers on television, most made the point that the medium of television was judgemental towards mothers in a way not seen with their paternal counterparts.

The wider entertainment marketplace applauds men for their fathering efforts, even when they are ineffectual, as the parenting bar seems to be set so incredibly low, any failed attempt at emotional connection or misguided effort at communication is rewarded rather than rebuked Feasey a. Others made the point that they were unable to provide commentary because they refused to watch those programmes that contained what they assumed to be negative or problematic depictions of motherhood.

There is a general point of interest here about the role that news, reviews and other ancillary texts including community gossip play in our understanding of specific programmes. For those women who have chosen to avoid a specific representation of motherhood, they have either once watched and never returned to a programme, or rather, listened to other discussions about a text which then informs their decision to overlook specific titles.

Indeed, many theorists have looked to explore the role and nature of promotion, publicity, reviews, interviews and other paratexts on our understanding of a media product Austin ; Barker ; Grayand it is clearly possible to make decisions about specific programmes based on never actually watching a particular title.

Furthermore, one might consider the gendered nature of these ancillary materials and the ways in which they inform female communication practices. My point here is that women who are actively trying to avoid specific representations might not watch a programme that they themselves find problematic, but that does not mean that they are able to avoid finding out about storylines, narrative arcs or character developments through shared physical and online dialogue with other women, and mothers.

Although some of these women do not elaborate on those characters, programmes or genres that they seek to avoid, others are very clear about what they choose to overlook in the schedules, and it is surprising given existing literature on the genre in question.

Several women talk about soap opera generally and EastEnders — in particular as the text or set of texts that they refuse to watch based on its negative presentation of motherhood and motherwork. Moreover, the ancillary market of official magazines such as Inside Soap and the broader news, reviews and interviews with the actors associated with the genre appear in a rage of media texts deliberately aimed at the female reader.

Indeed, one of the general principles of the genre is its commitment to families who are less than perfect, who are strained or struggling in some way Modleski The point here is that soap opera refuses to show a contented, happy or harmonious unit for too long; firstly, because domestic trials and private tribulations make up the dramatic action of the genre, and secondly, because creators of these shows assume that the presentation of a jovial, trouble-free family would irk the audience who themselves might be struggling with at least occasional familial disharmony.

After all, in order to maintain a sense of character development and dramatic Personal Candler seeks nude workout partner, maternal figures must be seen to traverse familial trials and tribulations in order to maintain narrative interest and the required cliff-hangers from week to week and year to year.

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However, while many women pointed to the lack of maternal reality here, the truth is that although the difficulties of morning school runs, packing lunch-bags and remembering swimming kits is of some interest to the audiences of suburban sitcoms, it offers little in the way of drama, suspense or character development as necessitated by the contemporary soap opera. Carol fell pregnant and her family tried to force her to have an abortion but she refused to have the abortion and disagreed.

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This resulted in David and his family leaving Walford for Romford in Carol is a feisty, loud and strong character, who is fiercely protective of her children. She arrived inas a worker in the launderette. When it looks like Bianca is about to start a relationship with David, Carol has to reveal to David that Bianca is actually his daughter, who David thought Carol had aborted.

These affairs are short lived, and Carol and Alan soon reunite. After Billie witnesses an armed robbery, the Jackson family without Bianca are moved away from Walford on the Witness Protection Programme. During this time Carol separates from Alan, and starts a relationship with Dan Sullivan.

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When the Jacksons return to Walford, Bianca realises that she had a relationship with Dan when she was fifteen. She keeps this from Carol, but they soon begin an affair. She then moves to Balham with Billie.

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Despite initially feuding, Carol and Bianca make up, and Carol moves to Walford. Billie is allowed to come home on his birthday, and Carol organises a party for him and his friends. During the party, Billie drinks to much alcohol, and the next day he is found dead on the sofa. Carol is distraught, and blames her family, until her brother Max tells her Billie only ed the army to get away from her.

In her grief, Carol tries to kiss Alan, but he rejects her as he has married again, and has a son. Connor and Carol comfort each other, and end up having sex. Connor sleeps with Whitney and Carol at the same time, until Bianca finds out and hits him with a metal pole, causing her to go to prison.

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InCarol started a relationship with Eddie Moon, until she finds out he is seeing Vanessa Gold. Inwhen David returns to Walford to visit his dying mother Pat, old feelings start to resurface. During an argument with Carol, Derek slaps her, which frightens her. The feud between David and Derek eventually escalates to violence. David persuades Carol to leave Walford with him, but after seeing how much she is needed by her grandchildren, he decides to leave without her.

When Bianca is sent back to prison in Suffolk for theft and assault, Carol, along with her grandchildren move away from Walford in order to be closer to her. Carol and her family return to Walford a few months later. On Christmas DayDerek dies of a heart attack, which upsets and relieves the Branning family. Don orders his henchmen to beat David up, which is severe. She eventually opts for David, and leaves Masood to go on a meltdown.

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In JanuaryCarol finds a lump on her breast and fears she may have breast cancer. She has the lump checked out and a few weeks later, Carol is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. This devastates Carol, and only tells David, Bianca and Sonia. Wikia

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Chapter 4: Bad mothers and poor role models: Maternal inadequacy and the problem of perfection