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Previous Customer Letter

Contact past customers with this "Come Back" letter.

Use this letter in the template to contact a prior customer and explore changes in both of your companies. In the time that's passed the customer has increased needs which you may be able to fulfill. They used to rely on your company... and now you have even more to offer! They just need to hear your new story.


Sample text from this letter:

There have been many changes in the {Recipients-Industry} since our company last worked with yours. {My-Company} has worked very hard to maintain a leadership role with the addition of competitively-priced new products and services specifically for that arena. I believe many of which could benefit your company significantly.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with...

More included in the sales letter template...

Primary uses for this letter

Any time your company has added a new product or service, it gives you reason to contact previous customers. Letting them know could generate new business by simply sending them a letter.

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Prior Customer Sales Letter

Portion of an actual letter using the template included in the package...

Sample Sales Letter For Previous Customers


Anytime you have a new product or service, or the prior customer expands their requirements, this simple letter template could help you grow your commission check.

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