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Product Introduction Letter

Introduce new products and services

Any time your firm adds a new service or product, it represents an entirely new opportunity for the sales staff. It may increase sales to existing clients as well as expand the client list by fulfilling needs of new customers.

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Existing customers, which have a need for your new offering, are an easy sell because they already appreciate the other products and services they currently acquire from your company. As an approved vendor the paperwork is already in place to make the additional sales easy to process. This sales letter template includes a compelling new product letter.

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Sample product introduction letter text

ABC Company now offers a product that could provide exceptional benefits to XYZ Company. You will immediately be impressed with the potential savings opportunities, which can be measured in several ways. First, it is competitively priced to keep your initial cost to a minimum. Second, the quality makes it a great value.

We are proud to introduce our heavy-duty widgets to you and your staff. Let me tell you some of the benefits XYZ Company can expect. You can reap these benefits as a result of... (more).


Product Introductory Letter.

This carefully crafted letter is designed to compel the reader to contact the sender for more information. These sales letters have proven successful for over a decade and the templates come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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New Product Introduction Template

A new product line or an array of new services can give a boost to any business. It can also have an impact on the commission checks of savvy sales representatives who take advantage of the opportunity. Every existing customer, prior customer and area prospect should get a personal letter announcing the new offerings.

Here is a sampling of the letter created using the template.

Product Introduction Letter Example


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