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Never underestimate the importance of a proposal cover letter. It adds a personal touch to the nuts and bolts of the proposal and allows you to highlight the benefits in advance.

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Set your proposal apart from the competition.

Your proposal may be knee deep in numbers and details. However, there are a few very important items that could swing the contract your way. Use this great template to make sure you include those in a brief proposal cover letter.

Sample text from this letter:

{My-Company} is an excellent choice to fulfill the requirements of the proposal you request. We are a leader in providing these deliverables with over {XX} years experience.

Our staff has carefully reviewed your requirements and considered numerous options in determining the ideal solution for this project. Our proposal... (more).

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Every proposal needs an introduction

Your personalized cover letter can set you apart from other proposals being considered. Use this template to add a personal touch to the "non-personal", nuts and bolts information contained in the proposal itself.

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Proposal Cover Letter Template

Portion of an actual letter using the template included in the sales letter template package...

Sample Proposal Cover Letter


The proposal quantifies the project. The cover letter speaks of you and the way you will personally follow through on every phase of the project.

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