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The most important sales letter to send a prospect, is an introductory letter. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and it's important to make it a good one. Sending a mass email as your first contact puts you in a class of "spammers". Phone calls seldom work as receptionists typically screen calls.


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For decades, well-written introduction letters have worked to establish a first impression of the sender. Most other approaches fail for the simple reason the prospect never hears the message about how you can help them achieve their goals. Use these templates to create a positive introduction.

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5 benefits of quality sales letters:

  • They get read. It doesn't matter what you have to say if no one hears it. Well-written letters, presented properly are read by a high percentage of recipients.
  • The message is not interrupted. Unlike phone introductions or even face-to-face presentations which get interrupted with questions, a letter gets read as one continuous message. This allows you to make the pitch and request a call to action in a flow designed to illicit a favorable response.
  • The message is focused. If you've done your homework, you'll know the exact benefits you offer that appeal to the recipient. In the process of introducing yourself, you keep the reader focused on the fact that you can help them accomplish their goals.
  • The reader feels compelled to reply. While emails are cold and impersonal, a hand-signed letter represents a person. The reader is aware of the effort put forth by the sender and is compelled by human nature to respond.
  • The letter initiates the communication process. Once the reader responds the lines of communication are opened. Even if the reply is "no", you now have the opportunity to follow up and begin establishing a relationship.

People buy from their friends.

This long-standing adage in the sales business is crucial for every sales representative to grasp. It's human nature and we all do it in our daily lives. Given the choice to buy from a friend or a stranger, we will buy from the friend. Thus the importance of establishing a friendship with prospective customers. Make friends with them and they will automatically become customers. You can often make the first contact using a sales introduction letter template or a product introduction letter template.

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100% Satisfaction GuaranteedCredit Cards & PayPal Accepted

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Card, eChecks and PayPal accepted.

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The first step in the sales process is getting to know the buyer - often this is the most difficult step as well. Once the prospect gets to know you, and the firm you represent, it becomes much easier to ask for their business. And, more importantly, it's harder for the prospect to say no. So an effective introduction letter is a must-have tool for any aspiring sales professional.

So, what makes an effective sales introduction letter? The art of writing requires a special set of skills, and the average sales representative is not trained in this area. Professional writers each have a unique approach to creating effective communication, and some work better than others. What's important is the results delivered. And the sample sales letter template offered here delivers!

The ideal letters are written by professional writers with experience in the sales field. Over time, the messages are fine tuned to achieve optimum response rates. Once tested, refined and proven, they can work for virtually any sales scenario, in any industry, because they appeal to the very human nature of the reader.

These templates built with samples of sales letters make your job easy!

Most sales people have the gift of gab, but struggle to put their words on paper. Their strength is in face-to-face communication, responding to feedback from the prospect. Developing a message that gets a positive response is a science. Proven sales letters increase the odds of achieving desired results. The simple answer is to use one of these proven, templates to create your correspondence. Simply insert specific information about you and your prospect and it's ready to go to work - prospecting for new business. You now have a powerful tool to help grow your commission check.

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Each proven letter is written to target a specific sales situation. See the complete list included in the sales letter templates offered here.

The kit contains two introduction letters. One focuses on the strengths of the company you represent, the other features your strengths. Both are proven to deliver results. Here is a portion of the letter template featuring your company.

Sample of Introduction Sales Letter


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