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If you like getting spooked by things that go bump in the night, or you simply have a love for found footage movies, then chances are you have come across the Paranormal Activity films. The film series — about spooks, demonic possession, camera footage, and witches — has a strong cult following and has developed into an intriguing collection of movies.

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But if you are new to the Paranormal Activity film series, where do you start? Also, how many Paranormal Activity movies are there and in what order do you watch them? All these answers are revealed below. The first Paranormal Activity movie was released in and centred around a young couple called Micah and Katie.

The couple experience strange happenings in their home, so Micah decides to set up a camera to record what is taking place. Over the course of multiple nights, strange phenomena occurs, leading the couple to believe their house is haunted. The camera captures the events of each day, with the supernatural situation escalating each evening. As such, a sequel was put into production to further the story. Paranormal Activity 2 arrived in and was also a financial hit, paving the way for Paranormal Activity 3 in and Paranormal Activity 4 in If you wish to watch the Paranormal Activity movies in production order, the list is as follows:.

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Outside of the core series of films, Paranormal Activity has birthed a spin-off of sorts. The movie is not part of the ongoing series and is instead a one-off continuation of the original movie. The film follows a new set of characters who experience strange happenings.

Tokyo Night was not followed by any further sequels and is not referenced in the main series. As such, it exists as an anomaly to the series. When developing the Paranormal Activity world, the filmmakers decided to flesh out the story by jumping back and forth across the timeline. Brief comments in one film could form the basis for the next, even if the situation took place in the past. Now, putting the movies into chronological order as per the Paranormal Activity timeline, the films fall in this order:.

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The films do weave around the timeline quite a bit, but if you are watching them back -to-back then it is easy to keep track of what is going on. Plus, a of films reference each other, so it can be quite helpful to have seen the entries in the order they were released. The movies are available as separate releases, so if you have a particular favourite — or you only want to own Paranormal Activity on Blu-ray — you can pick and choose as you wish.

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