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Women and girls often experience several forms of violence based on their gender including domestic abuse. Thousands of women in Scotland and millions around the world are affected by these forms of violence.

Right to Ask : people can ask the Police about their partner's or potential partner's background if there is a concern that they may be abusive. People can also ask about the partner of someone they know if there is a concern that they may be abusive.

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Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Women's Aid - or 24hrs Wigtownshire Women's Aid - 24hrs TARA - Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance - can provide crisis accommodation for victims of sex-trafficking prostituted women who are over 18 years old. Human Trafficking happens when a person is forced or threatened, abducted, or lied to so that they agree to being transported to another country or other countries; or to another region or regions within a country to be exploited in prostitution, forced work and other forms of modern slavery, or for removing their organs.

Sex Trafficking is linked with the Prostitution and Pornography industries and is the main form of Human Trafficking affecting women and girls. Spot the s! Video: Human Trafficking is happening in Scotland. Human Trafficking Newsletter. This training is an introduction to Domestic Abuse and provides an overview of the main considerations when responding to Domestic Abuse.

However, it does not replace specialist training. Quick exit. keyword s :.

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Violence Against Women and Girls. Domestic abuse is the most prevalent form of violence against women and girls in Scotland and in Dumfries and Galloway.

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Help is available; you're not alone. These organisations are willing to listen to you and to help you: Police Scotland or in an emergency National Domestic Abuse Helpline 24hrs.

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Human Trafficking in any of its forms is a violation of Human Rights. Find out more: Spot the s! Domestic abuse in Dumfries and Galloway. Several local organisations and agencies are working together to tackle domestic abuse and violence against women and girls across the region. Common s of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can take many different forms. It isn't always easy to spot abuse or victims of abuse but there are some common s of abuse.

Help for people living with domestic abuse.

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There are many local and national organisations that can help if you're suffering because of domestic abuse or other forms of violence. Helping someone who is suffering domestic abuse. There are a of things you can do to help someone else who is experiencing violence or abuse.

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Stop your own abusive behaviour. The more you understand what your behaviour is like for them then the harder it will be to behave like that.

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Information for children and young people. Children and young people can be affected by domestic abuse at home or in their own relationships. Take action against violence against women and girls! Domestic abuse and violence against women and girls training. We provide a range of training, which is free of charge, to help local agencies and staff tackle domestic abuse and violence against women and girls in Dumfries and Galloway.

Let us know if you're interested in learning more about domestic abuse and violence against women. Share this Print. Cookie policy Privacy statement.

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